I wonder if i’m talking to someone who is tired of fighting
You’ve been fighting all of your life, for years and month.

You’re wondering when will things be at peace
You’ve been praying, fasting, declaring things in Jesus ‘ name and nothing seems to be changing for you

You ‘ re still fighting.

The bible tell us , ” no temptation has overtaken you, except what is common to mankind. And GOD is faithful, He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when You are tempted , He will also provide a way out so that u can endure it”

( 1 cor 10:13)

Everything you lost GOD is saying , ” and i will do it again ” so when people. Start looking at you funny wondering why u’re praising GOD through your mess/ struggle it’s because you see your breakthrough.

You should’ve been dead, could’ve been dead would’ve been dead BUT you’re still here.

Jesus has a greater purpose for your pain

Happy new year fams
-jo- – with Inggrid, Manda 🍭, Ed, David, Christian, Livi, Irene, Cory, Jesslyn, Eugenia, Eka, Winna, Jessica Clarissa, Jeffri, Diana, Aileen, Jovita, Carolina, Windy, PD.Stefanus, jaya, Margaret, Rafaela, Eka, Windy, hurama, Stella, Yuventius Yudi, Ellen, Cindy, Paulina Soewandi, Fransiscus, Adeline, Silvi, Yolanda, Alvina, Monica, christine, and Surya

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